Emery is always my first "go to" Director of Photography. He is always professional, always creative, and always willing to go that extra mile to get memorable moments. He is an excellent director and a producer in the field. Oh yeah, and he travels well and doesn't eat much...


Dan Sexton

Owner Dan Sexton Media (www.sextonmedia.com)
Productions for Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Fine Living Network

Emery brings the highest standard of professionalism and creativity to his work whether he's working with a cigar camera, dv camera, beta camera, or in high def. He really can do it all- gorgeous interview shots, cinema verite, hi-paced action, film-style recreations, aerials, elegant lifestyle shots, or reality TV. His mind is always geared to finding the best shot.


Emery's also a great team player and he raises the level of everyone around him with a focused and professional demeanor My editors sing his praises.. He not only gets what we need, he brings art and the right mood to all of this work. They tell me that they use 100% of what he shoots and beg me to use no one else.


Emery's simply the best!


Lauren Williams

Supervising Producer / Director
Productions for History, Discovery, NBC, National Geographic, BBC, HGTV

Working with Emery is a pure joy. His ability to form compassionate relationships with his subjects, yet capture the reality and truth of the moment is a rare and special gift. I put in precious hours of my life time to complete a creative task, and Emery Clay is the only one I would trust to bring it to life.


Satsuki Ina, PHD

Executive Producer: From a Silk Cocoon (PBS), Children of the Camps (PBS)
Psychotherapist/Director Family Study Center

The marketing DVD that Solsbury Hill Productions created for us continues to get rave reviews and has added at least $20 million dollars difference to our bottom line!


John Liviakis

Founder and CEO Liviakis Financial Communications (www.liviakis.com)

Emery Clay is one of the people who got me to where I am today. Some might say that's not much of a compliment but others might say that Senior Vice President of MSNBC Creative Services Group is a pretty good yardstick for measuring success. Others might say the 23 Emmy nominations with seven wins, including a National Emmy, may be impressive. They would be wrong.


Most of those awards and many others came as the result of my climbing on Emery's creative back and riding off into the promised land. He is one of the most creative, smart and easy to work with people I have worked with...ever. He has never let me down no matter how insane or impossible the project. I've headed creative teams from KCRA to NBC Entertainment, ABC Entertainment and all points in-between, and to this day, I have not run into a better creative partner than Emery. I would hire him for any job, anywhere, anytime as well as recommending him for any job, anywhere, anytime.


So, if you want great work that'll probably have you thanking the academy of your choice, winning you great accolades from your peers and your boss, not to mention a fairly decent salary, you might want to consider hiring Emery. If none of that interests you, well, what the hell are doing in TV? Hire my friend, or I'll find you, oh yes, I will find you and there'll be trouble. Or sandwiches, if it's around lunchtime.


Val Nicholas

Vice President/Creative Director The NBC Agency

Emery is the consummate professional. His enthusiasm for each and every project is reflected in every well-conceived shot. He's the best.


Kent Takano

Vice President of Programming Fine Living Network

Emery Clay is one of the best DPs and shooters I have worked with in almost three decades of television production. He is also a top-notch producer and story teller who is consistently professional, positive, pleasant and a creative force on any project.


Henry Kaiser

Former producer for: American Detective (Lorimar/ABC),

The Crusaders (Disney/NBC), Prime Suspect (Rysher/NBC), The New Edge (CNET/SciFi)
Supervising producer for: TechTV’s primetime lineup, Man Moment Machine (History), Tactical to Practical (History)

Emery puts every ounce of his heart and soul into his work. For him, it's not just about the work, but something he believes in and truly cares about. He has a passion for the cause, gets involved, and is able to capture the emotions and feelings to bring it all to life in ways that truly move and inspire.


He has given us a beautiful "video" voice . . . a voice that has helped us raise funds, inspire/motivate people to action, and provide awareness in a most inspirational way.


Within each shot, each cut/edit, is Emery's deep appreciation for, and dedication to our project . . . and that's something for which we will be forever grateful . . .


Kim Ina

Founder and Executive Director Sports for the World's Children (www.sportsfortheworldschildren.org)